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Foaled: May 21, 2014
Dam: Tactical Info by Tactical Advantage
Sire: Into Mischief

Simply fast. This filly has been as good as we could have asked for during her preliminary
stages of training. She is cat quick, smart, and looks ready to run early. We plan to have her
ready to race as early as June. As a Louisiana-bred, there are lucrative purses and restricted
stakes designed for these early two-year olds. If her talent dictates, we will take her where
she needs to go.

If Into Mischief is the sire of a yearling, they are going to be tough to buy. The average
among those sold in 2015 was $70,000. This filly had a late birthday, was a little on the
small side (not uncommon for Into Mischief offspring), and was sold in Louisiana. We saw
a well-proportioned body with a good hip, strong angled shoulder, and room for growth. We
think she fell through the cracks and we were more than happy to be there to buy her.

This filly represents a great value combining athleticism, heart, sire power, and a
consistently producing dam. There is plenty of black type under her dam and she has
continued to produce top-level runners over time. Our filly nicks an A+++ (A Triple Plus),
the highest nick awarded. Nothing is guaranteed in the racing game, but this filly has a lot
going for her. If you are looking for a two-year-old runner, priced at a value, you don't have
to look much further.

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