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We are dreamers.  Everyone who has a passion for this sport is.  The dream of owning a Graded Stakes Winner, a Breeder’s Cup Race Winner, or a Kentucky Derby Winner creates a stir within that is simply put, exhilarating.  While obtaining any of those goals is a lofty task, requiring many decisions to go just right, you don’t have a chance of fulfilling that dream unless you get in the game.

The mission of Royal Colors Racing is to provide the thrill of high class thoroughbred horse ownership to individuals at a fraction of the cost.  Do some view it as expensive, certainly, but it is the most inexpensive path to owning your own “sports franchise” that we know.  Most will agree, that while it is a high risk investment, you will not find any other investment that provides as much fun.  

Many of the major syndication programs serve the East Coast and West Coast well, but very few focus on the heartland of American thoroughbred racing.  Our partnerships are initially set up to primarily serve owners in the South Central Region up through the Midwest.  Our typical racing tracks tend to be found in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, Kentucky, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois and other central corridor states.  Despite this focus, we will take a horse where it is meant to compete and can provide the best financial return to its owners, but we typically start a little ways from the nearest ocean.

Fractional ownership is the new standard in the thoroughbred industry.  Quite frankly, it is more fun to share this experience.  Whether you own ten percent of the horse or one-hundred percent, the excitement is the same as you cheer on your horse in their stretch run to victory.  The winner’s circle may just be a little more crowded!

Royal Colors Racing

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