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Royal Colors Racing Partnerships

As Defined by Royal Colors Racing…

It is our goal to design partnerships that give individuals an affordable opportunity to participate at the middle to upper levels of the sport.  Royal Colors Racing Management maintains ownership in each horse in the stables and our goals are aligned with yours.  While we cannot guarantee winners, or the opportunity to make guaranteed returns on your investment, we can promise that you will have a whole lot of fun in the process.

We manage the entire process from selection and purchase of our racing stock, to training care and upkeep, to race management, to organized financial statements and end-of-year tax documents, through ultimately the disposition of the horse.  As partner owners you are kept informed on the development and progress of each of your horses and are consulted for your opinions regarding strategic material decisions.  The busy work of race horse ownership is taken care of by us and the thrill of the racing experience is shared by all.

Our Approach

We typically buy moderately priced yearlings that look like athletes, possess excellent conformation, and have respectable pedigrees.  Yearlings, as compared to two-year-olds in training, can deliver on our criteria at more affordable prices and be put into a well-developed training regimen that is designed to make them competitive racehorses.  We buy both fillies and colts.  Our goal is to buy horses that have the potential to grow into stakes-winning thoroughbreds. 

Getting Started

If you are interested in learning more about Royal Colors Racing or taking the next step towards racehorse ownership.  Please indicate the information you would like access to below:

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Royal Colors Racing

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